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One of the biggest challenges in conducting medical trials, besides identifying the right study data and study design, is recruiting the right study sites. These must be good perfomers over the entire period of the study, have the appropriate trained personnel, suitable premises and, last but not least, the right patients.

Use our Feasibility Tool to find out without much effort whether your target group is suitable for the study and whether they can meet the requirements.

Filter the results of the feasibility study according to the desired centres and integrate them into an automated survey. Based on the results, you can easily decide who the new participants in your study will be.


How it Works

Whether you already have a list of centres or want to expand the group of people to be interviewed, our Feasibility Tool will help you find and address the desired intersection.

Import existing address lists and invite the centres to your survey electronically. Follow live how your survey is accepted and who accepts the invitation. Export data from the application at any time to answer your questions.

The centres contacted can provide all the required information electroically in one go and thereby qualify for participation in the study.


Over time

Many of our clients conduct their feasibility in advance of their studies on our platform. The culminated results from many feasibility studies compared with the performance data from the studies already carried out result in a valid study performance prediction model.

The data obtained can also have a positive impact on the individual performance of the centre.

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cvFEASIBILITY features

Feasibility should at best be able to prove the feasibility of a project. There are many parameters that can be used for this purpose to achieve feasibility. With our Feasibility application you keep track of your project and collect all information in one consolidated process.


Import and export all information needed for the feasibility in simple steps. Already have a list of centres you want to invite in a spreadsheet document? Import them and start inviting the participants directly. You want to get an overview of the progress of your feasibility? Download the status of the survey at any time and draw your further conclusions from it.

Project management

Our software is multitenant capable. By means of the project management you can manage participants in different projects.As a CRO, you can carry out projects with different sponsors. As a sponsor, you can divide several projects among CROs, for example, divided according to focus. Centres and users can be managed differently in both scenarios, different users with different tasks, and different subsets of centres can be used.

Invitation management

Invitations to the centres are managed and executed centrally. You decide whether to invite the centres sequentially or all at once. At the same point, the follow-up of these invitations is ensured and you keep track of whether centres need to be reminded. Automated notifications show you the status of the centres in case of changes.


The dashboard provides you with a general overview of the areas on a project-by-project or cross-project basis. Here you can create standard reports that you need for communication within the team or for presenting your project to the decision-making team.

Center management

In larger practices and MVZs, there are often several decision-makers about participation in studies. Manage the possible contact persons easily in the centre overview. In the centre overview, you can view the information provided by the centre at any time.

Admin & Center application

A separate web application is available to the centres for asking potential centres to participate in a study. Each centre remains in its own area during the project and can interact with the survey there without coming into contact with other centres or the administration platform.

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cvSentinel - Save time and effort!

ClinHEOR is our data plattform for cvSentinel, a description data-driven collection server-client solution, that automatically transfers defined data sets of study patients from local medical documentations to our central system.

Source data with different data type, content, scope or unit are automatically prepared in such a way that they are comparable and usable for statistics within the study. These data types can be medicines (coded by the PZN pharmaceutical central number), diagnoses (coded by ICD-10 codes), laboratory values and others.

The software meets the requirements of patient data security, FDA regulations and Good Clinical Practice rules and works with the latest security features to protect data synchronisation and access. The data can be used within our cvEDC.

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cvIdentity - Have control!

Our cvIdentity Server is a solution for managing user roles, rights and access for web applications. It provides a web portal and programmable API to manage these configurations. Management within a system provides complete visibility and customisation of user functions and access, with each user function customised accordingly.

Each registration process is clearly and simply structured, with step-by-step instructions to guide the new user through the process and make onboarding easy. Users can be members of different studies and projects, in different roles and with different rights.

With cvIdentity, your team members can supervise studies, plan a new study, perform feasibilties and chat and share documents with the whole team.

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cvEDC - At your fingertips!

Clinovate NET's cvEDC (Electronic Data Capture) is a web application for capturing and managing clinical data for all research needs of your various interventional and non-interventional trials.

Our solution is fully customisable to your needs and provides a user-friendly, browser-based, responsive interface to easily and securely document, protect and process your data. While remaining highly flexible, we adhere to FDA CFR Part 11 and GCP guidelines. We adapt the visual and functional design to your needs to give you optimal results.

We offer you all services from the entire value chain until the completion of your clinical trials. At any point in time, you decide where you want to involve us and let us do the work for you.

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We offer web appliactions for medical trials, feasibility studies, live outcome data and idenitity mangement.


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