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cvIdentity serves as a user management service for your web-based applications. It is a request-based single sign-on (SSO) service that enables the management of roles, rights and resources for your users and your applications. In addition to all products of Clinovate NET, you can also connect other third-party providers with this server and integrate their products into your portfolio.

Data security is at the forefront of all our services. We ensure that data and services are accessed appropriately by managing permissions and access appropriately. Our identity server can manage identities for each access service you need.

For each user, there are overview pages where the admin can accurately see and administer account and rights assignments. The dashboard informs about all processes on the identity server in real time.


Manage resources

With our cvIdentity Server you are able to manage services, applications and users within a single application. Register your service and enjoy the simplicity of an intuitive management interface. Each unit has its own user interface that reflects your organisation's brand and needs.

Once a user is registered with our identity service, you can add them to any resource with any role available.

The Identity Server is claims-based and "speaks" WS Federation as well as OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0.


Monitor it

cvIdentity provides a set of logs to monitor the key indicators you need to run your applications and understand usage or identify potential problems that occur. Help your users stay in touch with your services and detect patterns of intrusion attempts to prevent damage.

Like all other Clinovate NET products, the Identity Server follows the requirements and recommendations of FDA CFR Part 11 and Good clincal Practice. All access to resources and changes to configurations are recorded in the log.

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Claim Based WS Federation

Identity Federation specification:

The WS federation we use as the foundation of our identity server was created in 2003 as a part of the larger WS-Security Framework which includes WS-Authorization, WS-Trust, and WS-Policy. WS-Trust & WS-Federation provides a protocol for creating a claim-based security model across resource providers and across organizational boundaries. It does not enforce this format but defines the request/response mechanisms of the protocol. What this includes is what claim to send, what to include in it, how to establish cross federation trust etc.

Adoptable User Functions

Customizing permissions and access:

Administrators within the system have complete control over the various access modes and user functions within the system. Any kind of resources can be definded within claim types for users, roles, locations and what ever information your endpoint software needs. Founding a system on complete customization allows for an unprecedented overview of identity management within your systems.

Registration Process

Simple, straightforward

Our registration process is simple, intuitive and straightforward. Just follow the steps below to register for our identity management services, the pages will lead you through the required processes. There are three simple steps in the registration process, and we only require basic information from the side of the user to include them in the userbase. With our double opt in feature, two factor authentication and the password reset functions, user have a complete tool set to manage their accounts safely.

Resource Branding

Assuring everything matches:

The login pages through which users access the various designated areas can be branded and customized to fit in with your existing site. Functions which exist and allow you to achieve this include icon addition, colour integration, fonts, and many others.

Resource Plug-in

Identity Server:

Our identity service is provided as a plugin, and can be added into a variety of different services which you require – simplifying access whilst retaining the security and administrative functions. This plugin can be placed into any service we offer, and can act as a bridge to the various resources you are able to use. This streamlines your existing workflow, without compromising safety or access. A user can open our resource (site) switch tool from every website connected in order to switch between different sites without adding further log in details, they are automatically provided by a background process to the site.

Mail Services

Choosing who to send wha:

With integrated email services, you can send notifications to any group of users you define, allowing for the easy notification of updates, processes, and manuals, without using external services, or individually addressing messages. Customise the e-mails you send to your mailing list, as well as adjust automatic e-mails to be sent out at particular events, and for individual purposes (i.e. automated messages regarding the login steps and how to access our services).

Resource Logging

All access attempts - recorded:

Our system records every attempt of logging into the systems which lie behind it – in both successful as well as unsuccessful attempts. This can assist in addressing user access issues, as well as assuring that the systems are secure. Monitor user session by resources, errors or success. Our error logging tool reports via html, XML or JSON.


cvFeasibility - Increase success!

Clinovate NET's cvEDC (Electronic Data Capture) is a clinical data capture and management solution for a variety of research needs. We focus on designing our EDC to meet a variety of needs of collection sites and research groups.

Our solution provides a user-friendly, browser-based, responsive interface through which your data is easily and securely documented, protected, and backed up. In managing our data collection solutions, we adhere to FDA CFR Part 11 and GCP guidelines.

We strive to make the processing, review and control of this information as user-friendly as possible by appropriately flagging, recording and labeling each incident for easy review and resolution.

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cvSentinel - Save time and effort!

ClinHEOR is our data plattform for cvSentinel, a description data-driven collection server-client solution, that automatically transfers defined data sets of study patients from local medical documentations to our central system.

Source data with different data type, content, scope or unit are automatically prepared in such a way that they are comparable and usable for statistics within the study. These data types can be medicines (coded by the PZN pharmaceutical central number), diagnoses (coded by ICD-10 codes), laboratory values and others.

The software meets the requirements of patient data security, FDA regulations and Good Clinical Practice rules and works with the latest security features to protect data synchronisation and access. The data can be used within our cvEDC.

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cvEDC - At your fingertips!

Clinovate NET's cvEDC (Electronic Data Capture) is a web application for capturing and managing clinical data for all research needs of your various interventional and non-interventional trials.

Our solution is fully customisable to your needs and provides a user-friendly, browser-based, responsive interface to easily and securely document, protect and process your data. While remaining highly flexible, we adhere to FDA CFR Part 11 and GCP guidelines. We adapt the visual and functional design to your needs to give you optimal results.

We offer you all services from the entire value chain until the completion of your clinical trials. At any point in time, you decide where you want to involve us and let us do the work for you.

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