Clinovate provides licences for electronic web services and web application platforms.
The licensor is:

Clinovate NET GmbH & Co KG
Pettenkoferstr. 30
80336 Munich - Germany

cvEDC Software Edition:

Web application to run medical trials and studies, and for entering clinical and non-clinical data. The cvEDC platform can be combined with other modules.

1. cvEDC - Study Platform for clinical and non-interventional trials

2. cvIdentity - Administration of users, centers, rights and roles

3. cvODM-Editor - ODM XML editor for CDISC ODM conform files

4. cvForm-Editor/Viewer - JSON based online designer for events, forms and items.

5. cvEDC-SAE - AE/SAE/ADR Reporting Tool

6. cvEDC-Query - Query Tool

7. cvEDC-Monitor - Monitoring and Reporting Tool

8. cvFeasibility - Web tool to conduct feasibility research

9. cvFEE - Billing and Accounting Tool

Other Software

Web application services:

1. cvMedInfo - Code base MedDra, WHO Drug list and ICD10. Can be used with cvEDC and other third party software.

2. cvSentinel - Medical Data Management Server/Client Solution

3. cvQuest - Forum Solution for medical professionals to answer and discuss medical content

4. HIVDoku - Documentation Tool for German doctors using Medatixx MCS, DocConcept or DocExpert

About Us

Clinovate NET™ ®
is a medical IT Company run by medical doctors and programmers to combine medicine and IT.

We offer web appliactions for medical trials, feasibility studies, live outcome data and idenitity mangement.


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Munich, 80336

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