Automatic Unit Conversions

Output to any unit you require

Various institutes and users will input data into their system in accordance with their daily practice. From one clinic to another, these vary. We have addressed this by assuring that all data is converted into a universal unit – which can further be exported into whichever unit you may require for your needs.

The automatic conversion of units serves as a further feature in our unobtrusive processing, as no changes are required in the normal daily input of clinical data. It is irrelevant for us if you use ml/l instead of PMM, or pmol/L instead of ng/dL. Our automatic data conversion converts data into the required unit in the desired output.

In doing this, we ease the use of data requested on the receiving end of cvSentinel – allowing for your research to be conducted without any additional conversion tools for lab results from any number of labs using any variety of units.

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