Customizable Data Colections

You set the parameters; we present you with the data.

Sifting through the big amount of demographic and clinical data collected from everyday clinical practice is time-consuming. Clinovate streamlines this process by providing you with an array of filters and customizable parameters which permit you to fine-tune the sample you require for your study.

Say you require data regarding the use of a particular medication within a particular demographic of patients – same as if you were to run a clinical trial.

Data from a specific patient demographic can be requested according to parameters you set out, such as medication, diagnosis, gender, location - any clinical or demographic feature.

The data is collected by our sentinel from all participating clinical practices, and is processed within our database to ensure we adhere to strict data privacy policies – no personal or identifiable information is exchanged in the process.

Once processed, you receive your initial dataset.

We say initial, as our sentinel further processes the ‘delta’ of the readout – meaning you receive all updates from existing patients, as well as the addition of any new patients. These updates happen nightly - with changes ready for you the next day.

There is a variety of datasets you can receive, be it from a single readout of data from a time point, or a regularly updated dataset which you can use in the real-time review of data.

We do this, whilst adhering to strict data privacy policies, assuring that the personal information of individuals is always adequately protected.

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