Electronic Data Capture

Clinovate NET's cvEDC (Electronic Data Capture) is a web application for capturing and managing clinical data for all research needs of your various interventional and non-interventional trials.

Our solution is fully customisable to your needs and provides a user-friendly, browser-based, responsive interface to easily and securely document, protect and process your data. While remaining highly flexible, we adhere to FDA CFR Part 11 and GCP guidelines. We adapt the visual and functional design to your needs to give you optimal results.

We offer you all services from the entire value chain until the completion of your clinical trials. At any point in time, you decide where you want to involve us and let us do the work for you.

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Use cvFEASIBILITY to choose the best fits for your clinical trail, save time and effort to significantly increase the output of your project.

Our application enables CROs and Sponsors to create feasibility studies that automate all the steps of bringing information together.

Set your inclusion criteria for participating and performing centres prior to contracting and onboarding, saving your project time-consuming and costly recruiter downtime and the occurrence of incomplete documentation.

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Identity Management

Our cvIdentity Server is a solution for managing user roles, rights and access for Clinovate's own and third party web applications. It provides a web portal and programmable API to manage these configurations. Management within a system provides complete visibility and customisation of user functions and access, with each user function customised accordingly.

Each registration process is clearly and simply structured, with step-by-step instructions to guide the new user through the process and make onboarding easy. Users can be members of different studies and projects, in different roles and with different rights.

With cvIdentity, your team members can supervise studies, plan a new study, perform feasibilties, chat and share documents with the whole team safely.

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Sentinel - Life Data

ClinHEOR is our life outcome data plattform for cvSentinel, a description data-driven collection server-client solution, that automatically transfers defined data sets of study patients from local medical documentations to our central system.

Source data with different data type, content, scope or unit are automatically prepared in such a way that they are comparable and usable for statistics within the study. These data types can be medicines (coded by the PZN pharmaceutical central number), diagnoses (coded by ICD-10 codes), laboratory values and others.

The software meets the requirements of patient data security, FDA regulations and Good Clinical Practice rules and works with the latest security features to protect data synchronisation and access. The data can be used within our cvEDC.

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What we do

We join Medicine & IT

We obey the rules!

Clinovate works with Quality Management which is based on ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards. All of our solutions are built upon a Computer Validating Process, in guidance with FDA regulations, and up to the expectations of Good clinical Manufacturing and Practice. We are regularly audited and we strongly believe in precisely processed applications and services to help our customers to get their daily work done in a better way.

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Functional design is at the heart of our products, and we design each of our products with user requirements at their core. We know that most medical personnel will never see applications with the eyes of an IT professional. As a result, our medically trained eye creates the basis of our products’ design, and builds it in combination with our IT knowledge.

All applications are designed in a responsive way with the latest web technologies to fit any device you'd like to use.

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We take the needs of our customers seriously. This results in changes that are implemented within our applications in short cycles, to the benefit of all our users. We are always interested in implementing new ideas and concepts to develop our solutions to meet your needs.

We offer support levels for every kind of request, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Know how

We are not only IT professionals, and we are not only doctors!
We are IT professionals and doctors of medicine who invest their expertise in solutions tailored to your needs. If you work with Clinovate, we'll assure to add value in producing solutions which address all of your needs. We regularly customize the functions you order, and always put in extra – assuring the complete coverage of your requirements. We want the relationship with our customers to keep going.

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Clinovate solutions are interoperable and customizable to your needs. Simply combine our services in any way you'll need them. As security is always a big impact in web application and data, each of our customized solutions is built with their own protective layer. We train our personnel regularly, do penetration tests and use intrusion detection systems to protect data and systems.

Our customers

Join our team?

We are hiring! We are always looking for programmers, front-end designers and statisticians to work with us on our web-based software solutions and implement our customer wishes!.

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Clinovate NET

Work with the experts

We develop projects based on a solid foundation of experience dating back to the founding of Clinovate NET in 1999. Why should you choose us? Because, together with our knowledge, we bring flexibility to all client needs, combined with the data security needed in studies.

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Jan-Hendrik is the chief programmer of Clinovate. His job is to coordinate the different projects, manage all programming tasks within our development team and ensure compliance with all legal requirements from FDA and within the confines of GcP.


Jan-Hendrik Behrmann

Head of Software Development

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Petko completed three master's degrees: Master of Industrial Engineering, Master of Economics Management and a Master of Business Administration. With his in-depth expertise, he is Clinovate's Head of Business Development and responsible for Sales and Marketing.


Petko Iliev

Head of Marketing & Business Development

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Stefan is a Doctor of Internal Medicine with work experience of 10 years in Munich Hospitals. He founded Clinovate in 1999 and is also an IT expert with more than 20 years of experience. He is responsible for application design and the companies portfolio.


Dr. med. Stefan Preis

Head of Science, Medicine & IT

About Us

Clinovate NET™ ®
is a medical IT Company run by medical doctors and programmers to combine medicine and IT.

We offer web appliactions for medical trials, feasibility studies, live outcome data and idenitity mangement.


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